Quora in the age of Content Marketing

Quora in the age of Content Marketing

What did you do the last time you wanted advice on a problem you had – post it on a question-answer platform like Quora and crowdsource your solution. This is not just you, 300 million people take this route every month to get their answer and that too – at no cost.

Quora wasn’t the first one to do this but they are the ones who have done it brilliantly and today if you talk about question-answer platform, you think of Quora.

Founded back in 2009, Quora is a question-answer blogging platform where people put up their queries and experts provide answers to them. Kind of similar to what Search engines do but mainly targeted to specific questions from the audience. The origins of Quora can be traced back to the days of Yahoo answers but as a more professional community, more features and organized product.

So what value does it hold for marketers- more than 300 million monthly users looking actively for an answer. The best part is you know what they are looking for – just make sure your content gets to them and you have a marketing channel akin to search engines and you don’t even have to pay for advertisements.

In today’s digital age of hyper-competitiveness, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to achieve the best results and Quora can be viewed as a major channel for marketing for the following reasons:

1.Quora has an active user base looking for answers – similar to search engines and as such conversions from such traffic will always be higher than traffic that needs to be nurtured.

2. Quora is segmented by topics and each topic gives marketers access to a particular niche. Analyzing the Target group and its behaviour online will help in narrowing down and identifying which niche audience to focus on Quora to bring traffic and conversions to the business.

3. Quora is amongst the best channels for content distribution – you can get your content to the people who are searching for solutions. Marketers on an average spend 27% of their budgets on content distribution and rightly so, as content creation alone will not suffice for either branding purposes or lead generation. Content Distribution is the part of the content strategy that actually makes sure that the content gets to the right Target audience.

4. Quora is a professional community consisting of both consumers and people from the corporate world. As such Quora is perfect for both B2B and B2C companies.

5. Quora is also a good research tool for finding out not only finding out what your target audience is talking about but also to gather insights into improving your products and services. As a research tool, Quora also is able to crowdsource public opinion on certain topics which can later be used to form the foundation of blogs or website content.

5. Quora is an excellent tool for reaching out to influencers who have a substantial following amongst the target group of the company and having them endorse and highlight the company and its services and products.

6. Quora is an excellent tool for branding purposes. By answering questions related to your company or industry in general, it enables you to demonstrate domain expertise and improve the brand image of the company.

Having established that Quora is important as a marketing channel for businesses in today’s digital age, let us look at how to strategize and optimize Quora as a marketing channel.

The most important thing to remember regarding Quora is that direct Marketing Returns on Investment (ROI). Quora should be viewed in a similar vein as social media channels- Build an online presence, build a following and increase exposure on the platform which can later be leveraged for brand image improvement and lead generation.

The best Quora Marketing strategies can be summed up as follows:

  • The first step is building an optimal Quora profile page along with a Quora Page for your business. This is similar to creating business pages on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and enables companies to showcase their company profile along with their products and services.
  • The main important part is identifying what the Target Audience of the company is searching for and the topics they are following and interacting with. Quora even has the functionality of letting you track topics with email notifications where you get the top questions on a particular topic on a daily basis. The feed on the homepage can be customized to show relevant content.
  • The trick to reaching to the front of the line is to find the best questions to answer – questions within the topic of interest, that has a high number of views but less or not a satisfactory answer. Answering questions that have a number of answers and satisfactory solutions will have a positive impact but the engagement would be less than optimal.

What does a good Quora Answer consist of?

A good Quora answer is short, to the point and focused on the problem at hand and does not beat around the bush and should provide value addition for the reader. A good answer consists of statistics, sources and references- in short, external links and this is where you attempt to bring people from Quora onto your website or blog. An answer that does not add value and simply points to an external link will not work – the external link should come after the value addition part and should be able to entice the reader for additional information or insights on the topic.

Some answers are time specific and as such, it is best advisable to return to those questions and update the answers for them to stay relevant.

Analytics is the key to Digital Marketing

Quora provides free analytics for all users providing a detailed overview of the number of views, Upvotes and shares of the answers being provided and also for the questions and blogs being posted.

 How to leverage Quora as a marketing channel?

Quora is a social media channel and like other platforms, influencers play an important part in Quora too. Connect with the relevant influencers having access to the Target Group and have them endorse your products and services, or bring the attention of the audience to your Brand. This is evident mostly in the consumer segment with influencer giving feedback, reviews and guides on consumer products and providing external links to e-commerce stores for sales purposes.

Quora remains a highly under-utilized marketing channel as most brands view it as a question answer platform and not realize the potential that Quora has in increasing the effectiveness of their content strategy. Quora is one of the best content distribution channels giving brands access to their niche target groups in an organic manner.

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